How many pairs of prescription glasses do we need is a question that many people ask and to which users, manufacturers and opticians, depending on their degree of interest, give a different answer. I am going to give you my opinion on the matter, based on my point of view as a glasses user and, at the same time, as an eye professional.

Let’s start with the recommendations

  • If we listen to lens and frame manufacturers we should have between 5 and 10 (I exaggerated it a bit). To justify this number of glasses they will give you the argument of the shoes, especially if you are women:

“Do you have only one pair of shoes? Do you use the same shoes for all occasions? if the answer is no, the same should happen with the glasses”.

  • If we listen to certain opticians we should have between 2 and 3, but bought at once and on the same day if possible:

“Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Buy 2 pairs of glasses for 99 euros or three pairs of glasses for one more euro»

  • And if we listen to certain userswith a goggle is enough:

“For God’s sake, but they think I’m rich! Given the price of lenses and glasses, one pair of glasses is enough, hey.”

Actually, the number of glasses depends on the user and their lifestyle

Let’s start with him Username and to categorize it I am going to do it by age: babies, children, adolescents, adults and seniors. However, people belonging to the same age group have different lifestyles, which in turn generate new variables that segment them: where they live, if they work or study, what type of sports activity they do, etc. Therefore, giving a general answer that fits all of them is not possible.

therefore only I’m going to focus on adults and seniors, and I will characterize them:

  • In our current society, most active people have sedentary jobs that require them to work primarily at near (reading) or intermediate (computing) distances.
  • Both active and retired spend more and more hours in front of the computer, a phone or a tablet working, having fun or surfing the Internet. Many of them spend even more time in front of these screens than in front of the television.
  • Currently the number of retired people is the highest in history. The age pyramid of our society has been completely inverted since the baby boom era.
  • Beauty and enjoying a good quality of life is not exclusive to young people. People over 50 are investing more and more in products that allow them to rejuvenate or feel better about themselves.
  • Today’s users want to know what they buy, they seek advice but they also have their own ideas and are willing to spend more money on what really meets their needs, be it aesthetic or functional.

At this point we can answer the initial question: how many pairs of prescription glasses do I need to have? So my conclusion is that:

We must have two pairs of prescription glasses

  • Prescription glasses with anti-reflective treatment in a designer frame. That would be the main glasses and the type of lens will be chosen depending on the visual problem that must be corrected: monofocal lenses (myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism) or progressive lenses (presbyopia). An interesting option would be to add a photochromic treatment.
  • A prescription sunglasses, with quality lenses that protect 100% from ultraviolet radiation. One option would be to use sunglasses with polarized lenses, they are more expensive but the price increase is compensated by better visual features.

Now, there are individual variables that could justify having some more glasses.

A woman could have several frames with different colors or shapes to match her dress, someone who does sports probably has a specific goggle to practice it, those who are passionate about crafts would probably like to have a goggle adapted to their hobby, or someone whoever is a bit absent-minded will always like to have some extra glasses in the kitchen or on the bedside table to save having to go to the living room to look for the glasses that have been left there.

Without forgetting, the people who use contact lenses, in which case they would need the mandatory glasses to rest their eyes after a hard day of wearing their contact lenses or as an alternative in case of infection or visual irritation. Or the drivers that they should always carry a second pair of prescription glasses in the glove compartment of their car.

Well this is my opinion and you, doHow many pairs do you think are needed?

Leave a comment with your opinion and we’ll talk about it.

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