Researchers in the UK have patented an eye drop that promotes the healing of a cornea that has suffered from an infection, but avoiding scars and therefore corneal opacities.

Research published in the journal Nature (I leave the link at the end of the post) describes in detail the benefits of these drops compared to current treatments to treat Pseudomonas aeruginosaan eye infection usually related to poor contact lens hygiene.

Unlike current treatments that contain antibiotics or corticosteroids, the new gel contains a natural protein to heal wounds caused by infection called decorin.

The gel promoted faster healing, reduced scarring, and improved corneal transparency.

The gel forms a “therapeutic bandage” on the surface of the eye to promote corneal healing without scarring, with the singularity that this novel material can make the transition between solid and liquid statewhich allows it to cover the surface of the cornea, remain on it for a certain time, which favors the healing of the wound, and then be slowly removed by blinking.

The gel has been patented by the University of Birmingham Enterprise, so I suppose that in a while some laboratory will begin to market it if all the tests are positive and it receives the necessary certifications.

Article source:

Title: Sustained release of decorin to the surface of the eye enables scarless corneal regeneration

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