Today I am going to talk about a virtual reality helmet that could significantly improve current techniques to detect glaucoma, since this technology would allow testing much more frequently and anywhere.

The device is called NGoggle, and it has been developed by scientists at Duke University. This virtual reality headset provides an objective assessment of peripheral vision loss, by using light to stimulate specific areas in the patient’s visual field and measure brain activity from it.

The portability of the device means that it can be used anywhere and prevents the patient from having to travel to the eye doctor who is going to examine him, thus allowing the test to be carried out in the patient’s place of residence. Something really important for all those people with reduced mobility or who do not live near an eye professional who can test them.

glaucoma detection

NGoggle incorporates wireless electroencephalography technology to monitor brain activity. Within a few minutes, it can accumulate enough information to assess the quality of communication between the eye and the brain through the field of vision.

By using virtual reality, the device allows explore and assess the patient’s vision while playing a video game or visiting a virtual art exhibitionwhich makes the test a much more enjoyable experience than current devices.

Now the project enters a new phase, as a study funded by the National Eye Institute will evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility of the device.

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