The falls of older people have been on an upward trend for years due to the aging of the population, together with these falls, unfortunately, the eye injuries associated with them also increase, but often they could be avoided and in this article I am going to try to give you some advice and useful information to avoid them.

According to a recently published study in the United States (you have the link at the end of the article), the number of people hospitalized with ocular trauma increased by 18 percent in thirteen years. Most of the increase was due to falls in people over the age of 65.

Between 2001 and 2014, nearly one million patients were hospitalized for eye injuries. The number of hospitalized due to an eye injury alone decreased, however the number of patients admitted to the hospital for another reason, which was also associated with an eye injury, increased by 31 percent, from 14.5 to 19.0 per 100,000 persons. The researchers estimate in their study that 82 percent of the increase in secondary eye injuries was due to falls in older patients.

The study concludes that the increase in eye injuries is likely due to the increased number of falls in an aging population. The rate of falls in the United States has risen steadily over the past decade and is likely to continue to rise as life expectancies grow and older people become more dynamic.

“The most frequent diagnosis: fracture of the orbit or traumatic injury to the bone of the eye socket”

Among patients who were hospitalized for an eye injury, the most common diagnosis was a fracture of the orbit or a traumatic injury to the bone of the eye socket. These injuries are usually the result of blunt force trauma to the eye. For patients whose eye injury was diagnosed as secondary, the most common eye injuries were black eye and damage to the eyelids and lacrimal glands.

Vision problems and falls

People with decreased vision are at increased risk of falling. Problems like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration can cause a person to take a wrong step and fall. Fortunately, these conditions can often be prevented or treated.

• The waterfalls They can cause blurred vision, making it difficult to see and increasing the risk of falls. A recent study found that hip fractures are less likely after cataract surgery.

• People with macular degeneration suffer from decreased central vision. This can cause that if an obstacle appears in their path they do not see it, they can trip over it and fall.

• People with glaucoma they often lose their peripheral (side) vision, which makes it easier for them to bump into an unseen wall or table edge, causing them to fall.

• Patients who have suffered a stroke They may also have vision problems that can cause them to bump into things and fall.

“Falling once doubles the chances that the person will fall again

Each year, more than one in four older people fall, but fewer than half tell their doctor, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, though I understand this statistic applies to other countries including yours. This data is very important since it is known with certainty that falling down once doubles the person’s chances of falling down again. And the worst is not that, but rather that in 2015 alone, more than 28,000 older adults died as a result of a fall, a fact to keep in mind before not saying anything to family members or the doctor.

Tips and useful information to prevent falls in the elderly

Here are some tips to reduce the risk of falls:

• If you are over 65 you must check your eyes yearly and update your glasses to make sure you have the best possible vision.

• Talk to your doctor if you have fallen or feel unsteady. Some medicines They can cause dizziness or drowsiness and increase the risk of falls.

• Also do check your feet and see which is the most suitable footwear for your style and pace of life.

• Make physical activity regularly to improve your strength and balance.

• Keep up organized your home to reduce the chance of tripping.

• Get rid of small rugs or use double-sided tape to prevent them from moving.

• Install grab bars next to and inside the tub and next to your bathroom.

• Use non-slip mats in the bathroom and on the shower floor.

• A good lighting It is crucial to prevent falls. Keep your home well lit to avoid tripping over objects that are hard to see.

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Sources used to write this article:

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