The reduction of traffic accidents is one of the great priorities of all governments in the world. Awareness campaigns, regulatory changes, penalization of infractions and education are some of the examples of the great interest that governments have in reducing road accidents and it is not surprising, since traffic accidents represent a great cost for the whole society economic and a personal drama.

That the quality of the driver’s vision and traffic accidents are closely related is evidence. But that does not stop it from being interesting to see new studies appear that prove this relationship with scientific data and that, above all, extend the range of visual problems that impact road safety or ratify the suspicions that already existed.

Today I will tell you about a study carried out in Australia that demonstrates the direct relationship between traffic accidents and cataracts.

The researchers have examined and evaluated how cataract surgery affects the performance of drivers, by observing in a driving simulator the reactions of the study participants before and after the operation. As usual, you will find the link to the study at the end of the post.

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48% fewer accidents after cataract surgery

Scientists at the University of Western Australia tested the skills of 44 patients in a driving simulator. before undergoing cataract surgery.

After that first experience in the simulator, the patients returned to use it after their first and second cataract surgery.

The researchers found that the number of accidents decreased by 35% after the first cataract operation and was 48% lower after the second eye surgery.

Visual acuity is an incomplete method of assessing fitness to drive

Dr. Jonathan Ng, from the University of Western Australia, highlighted that visual acuity alone is an incomplete method of assessing someone’s physical fitness to drive. This is a fact that I personally want to highlight, it is really important to be clear about it.

He added that higher contrast sensitivity and better night vision improve driver safety on the road.

“In Australia and other countries, people often have to wait for months to benefit from government-funded surgery after they’ve been diagnosed with a cataract,” said Dr. Ng, something I personally confirm.

“These results highlight the importance of people with cataracts being able to access surgery in the shortest time possible in order to guarantee mobility in total safety for older drivers.” Something that is evidence but needs to be remembered.

Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology

Link: Another Reason to Get Cataract Surgery: It can make you 48 Percent Safer on the Road

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