In a recently published research, a group of scientists have provided evidence that an increase in intraocular pressure results in the same damage to the retina and the optic nerve that is observed in cases of glaucoma.

The study, which was published in Scientific Reports (link at the end of the post), involved the implantation of a small tube in the eyes of laboratory mice.

The tube was attached to a pressure sensor and an aqueous reservoir, which was responsible for changing the pressure inside the eye through injections of saline solution.

The pressure sensor was taking intraocular pressure measurements every few seconds for a period of time that lasted two months.

The researchers looked at how raising the pressure caused patterns of damage to the retina and optic nerve similar to those produced by glaucoma in humans.

Professor Chris Passaglia of the University of South Florida noted that the technique offers a breakthrough in glaucoma research.

“All the studies done to date show results where we see elevated intraocular pressure due to blocking fluid out of the eye, while ours adds fluid as needed to produce the desired pressure without damaging the outflow pathways. . Thanks to our research, scientists can have direct knowledge and control of eye pressure, “he said.

Professor Passaglia added that the results of his research will help other investigations on glaucoma, since it will allow them to eliminate experimental variability and thus be able to carry out systematic studies on certain characteristics of this pathology that until now had no answer.

Study: Experimental glaucoma model with controllable intraocular pressure history

More information: Glaucoma: what it is, causes, symptoms, dangers and its treatment

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