How do progressive lenses work?

Progressive glasses allow clear vision at distance intermediate and near. . To begin with, you may feel a little unfamiliar with progressive glasses if you are a first-time user. The eye and brain have to learn to focus through the lenses keeping the head in the correct position. This may take up to a month to become second nature. For those who already wear progressive glasses, switching to a new pair is no problem. Qualite progressive lenses are available from  Essilor and produce minimal distortion at the sides when compared to other manufacturers due to their digital freeform technology.

Ordering your varifocal lenses.

To order your progressive lenses we need the position of your pupil in the spectacle frame. Once you have chosen a style we have sent you and are happy with the fitting then you simply dot your pupil position with a marker pen when looking in the mirror. The position of your head is important. This should be a natural position for you when standing. Closing one eye then mark the other pupil in a mirror then swap eyes and mark the other keeping your head still by not raising or lowering your chin or turning your head right or left. Then send the frames back to us to have the lenses made after making payment through the Lenses gateway.. .

Highest quality at low cost.

Progressive digital glasses are usually much more expensive because it is more technically complex to surface the lens. However at Qualite the cost difference has been minimised and one price includes high index thin lenses with anti-reflection hard coat. Progressive glasses are made to special measurements and therefor can not be ordered on a self selection basis which is only possible with single vision lenses.