Do you find it difficult to focus on a small text, as if the text flows together and becomes difficult to read in poor lighting? This means that your vision has started to deteriorate and it may be time for you to go looking for a pair of nice reading glasses. Whether you have received a prescription from the optician, or want to buy reading glasses without going to the optician, you can safely let us at LensWay help you fine-tune your new reading glasses.

Reading glasses correct vision at close range

Reading glasses act as a magnifying glass with strength. The greater the thickness of the magnifying glass, the larger the text you are looking at. Many people choose reading glasses as their first choice when they notice that vision changes. They are good if your vision is starting to get worse at a short distance, but you still see well at a long distance. For contact lens wearers, it is common to continue to wear contact lenses to correct long-distance vision and then supplement with reading glasses for short distances. The most common type of reading glasses is customized so that you can see better at about 40 cm distance.

Reading glasses without a visit to the optician

The magnification and strength of your reading glasses are measured in a measure called addition and abbreviated to ADD (for example, ADD +1.00). Use our age table to find the right added value for your age. The table also applies to those who wear contact lenses. Of course, if you have been to an optician and had another added value, you should use this one instead. If you have any questions or need help ordering your reading glasses, you are always welcome to contact our customer service.

Find affordable reading glasses online

Reading glasses are a smart way to correct vision at close range and counteract common symptoms such as dry eyes and headaches. In addition, it is easy to find trendy and affordable alternatives to reading glasses when you shop online. All our glasses are made of Essilor and are of the highest quality. We even offer a satisfaction guarantee for 3 months when you buy glasses from us. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.