If you are an athlete and you are looking for information to buy visual equipment that protects your eyes or those of your children when you practice your favorite sport, in this article I will explain what you should take into account when buying sports glasses, so that they are the more suitable to improve your athletic performance and at the same time protect your eyes.

Not all sports glasses on the market are the best for you. Be careful, I do not dispute that sports glasses from brands such as Oakley, Adidas, Poc or Decathlon, to name the best known, are not good. What I’m saying is that they may not be good enough for you because you need a graduation, or certain adjustments to make them more comfortable or better adjust to your physiology, declines or modifications that many standard models do not offer.

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Next I am going to explain everything you must take into account when choosing your next sports glasses so that you can enjoy your sport with the maximum intensity, protection and safety.

Topics covered in this article:

What intensity of color should the lenses of sports glasses have?

Below you will find the five levels of protection and the sports recommended for each of them. The intensity of the tint of a glass is normalized by color categories:

Lenses Category 0

  • Lens color: Transparent or very transparent
  • Light absorption: 0-20%
  • Ideal for protection against insects or the wind.

Category 1 lenses

  • Lens color: Between transparent and semi transparent
  • Light absorption: 20 – 57%
  • Ideal for cloudy skies and some sun; contrast enhancement

Category 2 lenses

  • Lens Color: Dark
  • Light absorption: 57 – 82%
  • Ideal for normal sunlight, p. Eg in summer

Category 3 lenses

  • Lens Color: Very Dark
  • Light absorption: 82 – 92%
  • Ideal for winter sports, spending time in the mountains or on the beach.

Category 4 lenses

  • Lens color: Extremely dark and / or with a reflective treatment
  • Light absorption: 92 – 97%
  • Ideal for light conditions on a glacier, in the water or in the desert (but not suitable for driving!)

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What is the best material for sports glasses?

The most important thing when buying sports glasses, regardless of whether they are for an adult or a child, is to select the right material for both the lenses and the frame. Injuries while playing sports can cause serious injuries to the eyes and that is why it is important to select those glasses that can protect the eye and avoid these eye injuries.

More information: A blow to the eye: information, tips and remedies

Although the type of sport you are going to practice: football, tennis, skiing, cycling, …, determines which model of glasses will be the best for you, the basic principles are the same for all sports:

  • Your sports glasses should be as strong and lightweight as possible with a snug but comfortable fit to your face.
  • The lenses of your glasses must be close enough to your eyes so that scattered light does not enter from the sides; but at the same time, not too close so that your eyelashes do not touch the lenses.
  • The material, both of the lenses and of the frame, must not splinter and must be as resistant as possible while remaining malleable and flexible. The polycarbonate It is, for example, an excellent material both for lenses and for the frame of sports glasses, thanks to its great lightness and extremely high resistance to impact.
  • When choosing the frame make sure that they do not have decorative elements (metal logos, decorations on the temples, …) that in case of impact could detach and cause damage to your face or eyes.
  • Never choose glasses with glass lenses (crystal), always lenses made of plastic materials and, if possible, polycarbonate, or Trivex failing that.
  • Finally, make sure that the lenses are coated to protect them from scratches and that your sports glasses will remain in perfect condition for many years.

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What color shades are there and which are the best for sports glasses?

First, the tint of a lens not only reduces the intensity of the light reaching the eye, but also change its spectral composition due to its selected color properties.

Sensitivity to color varies from person to person, and each of us perceives colors and their shades in a different way. Therefore, selecting the correct tint is a very personal choice, and not all sports eyewear wearers will be comfortable with every tint. When selecting a tint, take your time and try different options with your optician or the dealer where you decide to buy your glasses.

However, one piece of advice that you should follow regardless of which tint you select is to make sure it’s not too dark. The intensity and color must be adapted to the type of sport you are going to practice and the expected brightness. To be sure of the intensity that is best for you, check the first point of this article again.

In addition to the tint, a mirror coating additional especially for those who are going to practice mountain or snow sports. Water sports enthusiasts and fishermen can choose a polarization filter on the lens, which will greatly reduce the reflections generated by the reflection of light in the water. Another very interesting option is to choose photochromic sports glasses, these glasses have lenses that change color automatically and that go from light to dark and vice versa depending on the intensity of the light, something that can be a very good option for those who practice outdoor sports during which the light conditions may vary .

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How to Make Sure Your New Prescription Sports Glasses Fit Optimally When Wearing a Helmet or Mask

Playing sports often requires the use of additional equipment, such as a helmet in the case of motorcycles or a mask in the case of skiing. In that case, when you want to get some prescription glasses to practice your sport, you must take your helmet or mask to your optician. In this way, he can evaluate the pros and cons in order to find the ideal solution for you.

The posture of the user during use is extremely important to the design of the prescription lens and the rear fit, to such an extent that a poor fit could mean that you do not enjoy excellent vision with your new glasses.

This also applies to shooters, golfers, hunters and archers that they wear protective glasses over their glasses and that they must have their prescription lenses adjusted in the optimal place, that is, at the shooting range or on the golf course

One detail, the progressive lenses they are a good choice for most sports, including cycling and skiing. However, they are not suitable for playing golf. Progressive lenses are designed to work in a very particular position (up / down), but golf requires you to change your gaze while aligning your shot, which means that your head moves and your posture changes a lot laterally, which causes vision to be blurred.

Learn more: 11 questions and answers about presbyopia and progressive lenses

Protect your eyes against ultraviolet (UV) rays

Do not buy sports glasses that do not guarantee 100% UV protection against UV-A and UV-B radiation. Most sports eyewear and sunglasses lens manufacturers claim to protect against UV radiation, but unfortunately there are always some that fall short.

To be sure, buy sports glasses from recognized brands and if you have doubts, consult a specialist, do not risk it because not protecting your eyes from ultraviolet radiation can have very serious consequences for your eyes both in the short and long term.

Prevent your lenses from fogging up and choose sports glasses with air circulation

Fogging glasses can quickly become a hazard or cause a competitive disadvantage during a competition. Therefore, depending on the sport you are going to practice and the weather conditions you are going to face, you should buy sports glasses that allow effective air circulation and thus prevent your lenses from fogging up.

In addition, many sports glasses add a special coating to their lenses that ensures that they do not fog up.

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How to care for sports glasses correctly so that they last for many years

To ensure that you will enjoy your sports glasses for a long time, there are some basic rules to keep in mind. Like other pairs of glasses, sports glasses do not like to be subjected to extreme heat for a very long period of time. High temperatures or temperature fluctuations can damage lens frames and coating.

Therefore, it is recommended that you always store your sports glasses in a case when you are not wearing them. And avoid leaving them for a long period of time under the windshield of your car or in direct sunlight on a hot, sunny day.

And by the way, use the right accessories to clean them to ensure your new glasses will last a long time. Don’t wipe them with the first thing you have on hand! Some textile materials are like sandpaper for your lenses, be very careful.

Prescription sports glasses or contact lenses, a perfect alternative for skiing and practicing water sports

It is not always necessary to buy sports glasses in addition to your everyday glasses. For skiing and water sports, for example, daily contact lenses combined with non-prescription sports glasses may be the ideal combination.

What you can not do is swim with contact lenses and that these come into contact with the water of the sea or the pool, so if in addition to the contact lenses you use non-prescription swimming goggles, these will prevent the water from entering the eye and contaminate contact lenses. Problem solved at the best price, since you will have saved the cost of having your sports glasses prescription.

One piece of advice, if you swim in free water, choose swim goggles and / or contact lenses with UV protection, okay?

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Which sports glasses to use according to each sport

In this other article you will find all the information you need to choose the good sports glasses according to the sport you practice.

More information: Glasses and lens color for each sport

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