In a previous article I told you about everything you need to know to choose and buy sports glasses, but today I am going to recommend which are the most suitable glasses and lens colors for each sport.

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Today I will give you tips to choose the best glasses according to the sport that you or your children practice. Let’s go with it.

Topics covered in this article:


If you or your children wear glasses and play soccer, what you do not have to do is play with your glasses every day, as it can be extremely dangerous.

Prescription sports glasses for playing soccer should have plastic lenses, ideally I recommend materials such as polycarbonate or Trivex, since they are safer and more resistant than normal plastic lenses.

The sports glasses model you choose should cover the orbit, the bony rim around your eye, and should be worn with a sports band accessory. If you want something even more specific, some manufacturers have designed sports glasses for sports such as football, whose wraparound frames are fully cushioned and provide optimal safety and comfort.

If there are no contraindications, soft contact lenses are an excellent alternative to not wearing glasses and that saves you from having to buy a sports glasses for soccer.

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Poor vision and salt or chlorine in the water can make swimming an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. If you normally wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, since your vision is not good, you will have no choice but to enter the water with your prescription. For this there are two alternatives: prescription swimming goggles or non-prescription swimming goggles and wear your contact lenses under them.

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It is important to protect your eyes whether you are diving or snorkeling and for this you should wear an airtight face mask that fits tightly to your face.

If you need to use a graduation, the alternatives are: graduated diving masks, diving masks with a clip to mount prescription lenses inside the mask or as with swimming, combine mask and contact lenses.

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Glasses for any outdoor sport

When you are playing a sport outside, you are exposed to UV (ultraviolet) rays from sunlight and there are three types: UVA, UVB, and UVC.

UVC is absorbed by the ozone layer and does not reach the ground, but the other two types of UV light are linked to possible cataract formation, skin cancer, and / or retinal damage with long-term exposure. For that reason and as I have said before, regardless of the style of sports glasses that you like the most, do not wear any glasses without total protection against UV harmful.

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It is important to protect your eyes when sailing because not only are you outside and exposed to UV light, but the water also reflects the sun’s rays and causes annoying reflections for your eyes. The sports glasses with polarized lenses, are excellent to use in any sport related to the water (except for swimming), including for example fishing.

By the way, do not hesitate to add straps to these glasses to avoid that in case of suffering a blow from the sea or even falling into it, the glasses do not fly off and lose them.

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Tennis, paddle tennis and squash

There are two dangers to the eyes when playing tennis or paddle tennis: UV light and the risk of being hit in the face by a ball, or even a racket if you are playing a doubles match.

In the case of squash It will not be outdoors and to be precise we would be talking about protective glasses for athletes and not sports glasses, but the risk of impact from a ball or a racket increases significantly compared to the other two previous sports, in addition to the size of the Squash balls combined with their speed, make this sport one of the most dangerous for our eyes due to the damage it can cause.

A good pair of sports sunglasses can help reduce those risks and can also improve your performance on those days when glare is a problem.

Check out the different shades of colored lenses available, as some may work best for grass, while others may be good for hard courts.

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Cycling glasses must be resistant, they must protect you from wind, dust and possible eye injuries caused by the impact of an object, such as stones that bounce off the road, and of course they must have total protection against light. UV when you go to have a good time outdoors

They should also be streamlined, fit well to the shape of the face, integrate seamlessly with the helmet that you use regularly (do not hesitate to take it with you to the store or the optician when choosing your glasses and thus check that both work well together) and allow air to pass so that the lenses do not mist. Polycarbonate lenses are a good choice as it is a material that can eliminate 100% of UV light and is stronger than normal plastic lenses.

You may also consider use a tint for the lenses among the different dyes available. There are certain shades that work well depending on the weather conditions you are going to shoot under.

Another interesting option to consider are the photochromic lenses which are initially transparent but change color automatically and become darker in bright conditions, which would allow you to avoid having to wear two pairs of glasses, one transparent and one sunglasses and having to change in the middle of a race .

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Running regularly, particularly with long-distance workouts, will greatly increase your exposure to UV and blue light. Recent scientific research shows an association between exposure to sunlight and macular degeneration, which is why UV protection is essential for your eyes.

I advise runners to choose sunglasses with UV protection and a frame that is lightweight, wraparound, fits tightly to your face, and won’t move when you run.

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Shooting and bow

In this case, more than talking about glasses for archery or pigeon shooting, for example, I will talk about the ideal color of the lenses that you should use to practice this sport.

A bronze dye should be used to shoot skeet, pigeon, and target. It is also the dye of choice for hunting.

For black-on-white target shooting, yellow tones offer good contrast. However, the objectives can vary in color. So, for orange targets, use an orange tint. Red and pink hues are good for black and green targets and are also effective for orange targets and hunting; they also reduce the effects of a green background, grass, trees, and bushes.

A red tint can improve color differentiation for people with color vision problems or those who are color blind.

A key tip, when you choose a tint for your lenses this should not be too dark, as this results in the pupil dilation, which can negatively affect the performance of shooters / archers.

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