We all know that our skin needs protection from the suns rays. Few realise that our eyes are ten times more sensitive to the sun than our skin. Short wavelength ultraviolet light can damage the eye structures leading to cataract and macula degeneration. Both of these are linked to ageing however the sun exposure increases the chance of early development. Consultant ophthalmologists advise that sunglass protection is just as important as  sun cream particularly between the months of March and September. UVA penetrates to the back of the eye damaging the retina and UVB rays can damage the cornea.

The angle of the sun dictates how much radiation enters the eye-low early morning and evening exposure increases risk, while during the day your brow line helps to reduce direct exposure as the sun is overhead. Full UV protection is key to sunglass selection. UV400 means complete cut off of harmful UVA and UVB radiation below that wavelength. Qualite sunglasses provide full protection for your eyes and all glasses can be made UV400 with any depth of tint remembering that  glasses which will be worn at night for driving can only block a maximum 25% of the visible light. Larger sunglasses are better as additional protection is then provided to the skin around the eye itself.

Qualite glasses on line selection is extensive and it is never too late to protect yourself ,Any questions-just drop us a line we are here to help.