Presbyopia is an age-related change in the eye that leads to an impaired vision of objects up close. The lens of the eye decreases in elasticity with age, making it more difficult for the eye to switch between distance and near. Reduction in near vision clarity begins around 45 and becomes more noticeable with time. Reading glasses are then needed. You may also need Distance glasses which is not directly related to age . If you are short sighted for distance sometimes simply removing your distance glasses is all that is needed to read clearly.

Symptoms of altered vision

  • Tired eyes and a dry, gnawing sensation that is often worst in the evening.
  • Headaches often occur during the day.
  • It becomes more difficult for the eyes to quickly shift focus from far to close and from close to far. This is because the lens of the eye becomes stiffer with age.
  • Harder to see text up close. The text merges or it becomes difficult to read in low light.

What can you do with age vision?

There are many ways to correct presbyopia that cost several thousand pounds which involve eye surgery. Progressive glasses are a practical alternative for those who dislike constantly wearing and removing reading glasses. Progressive lenses correct vision at all distances even if a distance prescription is not needed. You can easily combine reading glasses with progressive lens design.