On this page I am going to help you find books on optics, optometry, contactology, ophthalmology, refractive surgery, audiology, acoustics and many more, as well as educational material related to vision.

In addition to recommending books on optics and ophthalmology, physics or surgery, you will also find where to buy them and finally, some resources and websites where you can find free optics books.

Topics covered in this article:

Best Books for an Eye Care Professional

Both when it comes to a student, as when it is a confirmed eye care professional, we all need to have, on certain occasions, books to help us in our studies or our work.

Among the books that I am going to highlight and that every university student or vision professional should have in their library, titles such as:

Note: click on the links of the titles to see all the informationorn

Eugene Hecht Optics in Spanish,

Optometry Manual by Raúl Martín Herranz, Gerardo Vecilla Antolínez

Wills Eye Institute Manual of Ophthalmology. Diagnosis and Treatment by Adam T. Gerstenblith, Michael P. Rabinowitz

Strabismus and Lazy Eye – Myths, Legends and Truths by Maria Pilar Vergara Gimenez

Manual of Ophthalmology of the Wills Eye Hospital: Diagnosis and treatment of the disease in the consultation and in the emergency room by Nika Bagheri, Brynn Wajda,

Teaching and Didactic Guide of Optometry Practices of Paloma Sobrado Calvo, Fuensanta A. Vera Diaz

Manual of clinical procedures in pediatric optometry and strabismus by Catalina Palomo Álvarez and Amelia Nieto Bona

Atlas of Clinical Ophthalmology With CD-ROM, by David J. Spalton FRCS FRCP FRCOphth, Roger A. Hitchings FRCOphth,

Clinical Management of Binocular Vision: Heterophoric, Accommodative, and Eye Movement Disorders by Mitchell Scheiman and Bruce Wick

Physical optics: questions and problems of Carmen Vázquez Ferri and Jorge Pérez Rodríguez

Geometric Optics. Ray Tracing Exercises by Fernando Cobo Ruiz

Optical assistant: manual with accrediting diploma of Segismundo Uriarte Dominguez

Veterinary Ophthalmology. Exploratory Procedures and Fundamental Operations of Fernando Sanz Herrera

Manual of clinical procedures in pediatric optometry and strabismus by Catalina Palomo Álvarez

Why buy your books online

Buying books online is currently the best option when you do not have specialized bookstores near your home and personally I am going to recommend you to use a platform like Amazon to buy this type of vision-related books, which I personally find to be the most suitable for finding the best optics books.

In this link you will find more information about Amazon Prime

The reasons why I recommend you to use this website are the following:

  • They have a wide variety of books, you will find publications related to optics, ophthalmology, refractive surgery, ocular pathologies, training manuals, exercise books, … and buying with them is 100% safe.
  • Many of these books have unbeatable prices and in many cases the shipping costs will be free. Compared to other websites where you can buy books online, shipping and returns can in many cases be a key purchase reason to avoid surprises.
  • In addition to finding books in Spanish, you can also find many works in English, something that can be really very interesting for those who seek to expand their knowledge and who will be able to have reference books worldwide and that unfortunately have not yet been translated into Spanish ( and may never be translated).
  • Among all the books sold on Amazon you will find different formats: paper, electronic or pdf books. In addition, some of these optics books are free, but not many since most of the works that you will find are paid.
  • Finally, in addition to finding new optics books, you can also find second-hand books that might interest you because of their price or their rarity, since many of them are no longer published. Personally I prefer to go through a secure platform that guarantees my purchase and my payment, than to risk buying the books on sites such as milanuncios.com, ebay, Mercado Libre or in forums of sites related to the optical sector, with all due respect to me. They deserve these other options and the people who sell their used books in them.

Among all the titles that I have presented previously and many others that you will find browsing through the enormous offer that Amazon offers, you will find publications in different formats: paper, electronic or pdf books, these latest books can be downloaded. In addition, some of these optics books are free, but not many since most of the works that you will find are paid.

There are also sites where you can find free books

By the way, speaking of download optics books or find free optics books, something that in many cases is the same, personally I have not found many options except the databases or online libraries of university centers such as the Complutense University or the University of Valencia.

More information: UCM Online Library

More information: UV Online Library

Now, to consult them you will have to have an account with them to be able to access them. However, I am going to leave you a link where you can find the Hecht optics book in Spanish for free. I personally I do not recommend it as it is not worth it if you compare it with the original paid book by Hecht, but since there are many of you who have asked me, here is the link.

More information: optical book hecht spanish free

Those of you who have come to this article have done so because you were looking for information about:

  • Ophthalmic optics books
  • Optics and acoustics books
  • Geometric optics and / or physics books
  • Optics or ophthalmology books in pdf
  • Optical or ophthalmology books to download
  • Free optics or ophthalmology books
  • Ophthalmology books for residents
  • Ophthalmology books for veterinary medicine

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